The Salesman (2016) Review

The Salesman (2016) is a 2016 Iranian-French drama film directed by Asghar Farhadi. It was included in the In Competition section at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. At Cannes, Shahab Hosseini won the award for Best Actor and Asghar Farhadi won the award for Best Screenplay. In September 2016 film was selected as the Iranian submission for Best Foreign Language Film for the 89th Academy Awards, which will take place in 2017, and in December 2016 it made the shortlist of nine films which will be considered for a nomination in that category.

Director: Asghar Farhadi
Writer: Asghar Farhadi
Stars: Shahab Hosseini, Taraneh Alidoosti, Babak Karimi
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Release: France 21 May 2016 (Cannes Film Festival) (premiere) – Bulgaria 29 September 2017

The Salesman (2016) Storyline
Forced to leave their collapsing house, Ranaa and Emad, an Iranian couple who happen to be performers rehearsing for Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman” rent a new apartment from one of their fellow performers. Unaware of the fact that the previous tenant had been a woman of ill repute having many clients, they settle down. By a nasty turn of events one of the clients pays a visit to the apartment one night while Ranaa is alone at home taking a bath and the aftermath turns the peaceful life of the couple upside down.

The Salesman (2016) Review
The Salesman is Asghar Farhadi’s 7th Feature film and the 4th in which he reunites with Taraneh Alidoosti.

The film centers around a married couple who are in middle of preparation for their adaptation of Death of a Salesman for stage. The film begins with this couple having to evacuate their apartment due to excavations happening next door. They’re forced to look for a new apartment and they managed to do so through their friend played by Babak Karimi…and that’s all you need to know about the plot because I feel like giving away more would diminish what this film is trying to achieve.

I feel like The Salesman follows a similar formula to About Elly . It’s expertly written and it managed to hook me from the very first scene all the way to the last. The viewer is not presented with the central issue of the film from the get-go (unlike a Separation), but rather the film follows normal day-to-day life of the characters and that creates a sense of anticipation in the viewer. That feeling of anticipation in About Elly made it so special for me and Farhadi follows the same formula here again.

I was never a huge fan of A Separation and I’ve always considered the massively underrated About Elly as Farhadi’s best film , but If you’ve seen and enjoyed either of those films, then The Salesman is for you.

This is probably the most mature and well crafted Film from Farhadi so far. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to seeing it again.

Oh and It’s probably worth noting that the film received a standing ovation at my theater.

The Salesman (2016) Trailer

Gold (2016) Review

Gold is a 2016 American crime adventure film directed by Stephen Gaghan and written by Gaghan, Patrick Massett and John Zinman. The film stars Matthew McConaughey, Édgar Ramírez, Bryce Dallas Howard, Corey Stoll, Toby Kebbell, Craig T. Nelson, Stacy Keach and Bruce Greenwood.

Principal photography began on June 29, 2015, in New York City, New Mexico and Thailand. The film was released in the United States on December 30, 2016. The film has also received a Golden Globe Award nomination for its original song, “Gold”.

Director: Stephen Gaghan
Writers: Patrick Massett, John Zinman
Stars: Matthew McConaughey, Edgar Ramírez, Bryce Dallas Howard
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Thriller
Release: Croatia 29 December 2016 – Brazil 20 April 2017

Gold (2016) Storyline
An unlikely pair venture to the Indonesian jungle in search of gold.

Gold (2016) Review
Gold is, by far, the oddest film of the Oscar season. It’s not good enough to be featured with some other award-based films yet it is far from being a bad film. It’s just a very uninspired piece of filmmaking that had an excellent script and a great cast to it, yet no flavor to the filmmaking here. It is a standardized piece that serves as a lackluster love letter to Martin Scorsese and David O. Russell without ever really admitting it. Majority of this film is spent watching McCounaughey’s Kenny Wells as he maneuvers through businessmen that want him to be put down, political groups that want to steal his fortune and friends he can barely trust. It sounds like an amazing film and it could have been had Gaghan not directed this film himself. Every frame that passes, it feels like Gaghan was either worried about feeling too much like Scorsese or worried that it wasn’t enough like Scorsese. Either way, we know where his influences lie here. Honestly, you’re better off watching The Wolf of Wall Street, if you’re hoping for something like that.

Stephen Gaghan is a very talented writer, he’s given us very layered stories with very interesting characters but this particular topic feels like it went over his head. It is never engaging enough to sustain lasting power. McConaughey and the rest of the cast do a fine job, nothing outstanding but fine nonetheless. This was probably the most disappointing part of this film. Over the past 5 years, Matthew McConaughey has given us more than enough reason to love his performances. They’re layered, they’re relate-able and, most of all, they’re acted to perfection. This performance, in which he trades in his slim physique for a bloated, overweight and balding man. Right off the bat, this may have been a physically demanding role for McConaughey and he does put his all into his performance but it still doesn’t match the caliber of his previous performances. His dedication is clear but it still didn’t feel like the great performance we thought he could give in this film which comes back to the issue of Gaghan’s direction.

Overall, Gold is far from a bad movie. There are cool scenes in it that are bound to interest you even if it’s for a little bit. But this is a film that comes down to a problem with the director. Gaghan, while being a very talented writer, has a hard time determining his own vision for a film that had many chances to be great but failed to really capitalize on any of its strengths. By the end of the film, you won’t feel cheated out of your ticket money but I’m sure you won’t feel all that good about it either.

Gold (2016) Trailer

A Dog’s Purpose (2017) Review

A Dog’s Purpose is an upcoming American comedy-drama film directed by Lasse Hallström and written by Audrey Wells. It is based on the 2010 novel of the same name by W. Bruce Cameron. The film stars Britt Robertson, Dennis Quaid, Josh Gad, Peggy Lipton and Juliet Rylance. The film is scheduled to be released on January 27, 2017, by Universal Pictures.

Director: Lasse Hallström
Writers: W. Bruce Cameron (novel), Cathryn Michon (screenplay)
Stars: Britt Robertson, Josh Gad, Dennis Quaid
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama
Release: Italy 19 January 2017 – UK 21 April 2017

A Dog’s Purpose (2017) Storyline
A dog looks to discover his purpose in life over the course of several lifetimes and owners.

A Dog’s Purpose (2017) Review
Parents need to know that A Dog’s Purpose provides a bit of a twist on the standard talking-animal movie. The story is narrated by a dog (voiced by Josh Gad), who begins his life as a golden retriever named Bailey whose best friend is a young boy named Ethan (Bryce Gheisar). Bailey remains loyally by Ethan’s side through his teenage years, even through Ethan’s first love (so expect some kissing and romance), until Bailey dies of old age … only to be reincarnated as a (female) German shepherd police dog. The dog continues to come back, living many lives as many different breeds. With each new human he — or she — lives with, the dog learns a little more about his purpose, until, years later, he returns to a familiar home and a familiar friend (Dennis Quaid). Although this movie will likely have emotional moments that might be too intense for sensitive younger kids — including the reccurring death of a pet — for the most part it looks like a heartfelt family dramedy for all dog lovers.

A Dog’s Purpose (2017) Trailer

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016) Review

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is a 2016 3D science fiction action horror film written and directed by Paul W. S. Anderson. It is the sequel to Resident Evil: Retribution (2012) and the sixth and final installment in the Resident Evil film series, which is very loosely based on the Capcom survival horror video game series Resident Evil. The film will star Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, Shawn Roberts, Ruby Rose, Eoin Macken, William Levy, and Iain Glen. In the film, Alice and her friends are betrayed by Albert Wesker, who gathers the entire forces of Umbrella into one final strike against the apocalypse survivors.

It was released on December 23, 2016 in Japan and is scheduled to be released on January 27, 2017 in the United States in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D.

Director: Paul W.S. Anderson
Writer: Paul W.S. Anderson
Stars: Ruby Rose, Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter
Genre: Action, Horror, Sci-Fi
Release:  Japan 23 December 2016 – China 17 February 2017

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016) Storyline
Picking up immediately after the events in Resident Evil: Retribution, Alice (Milla Jovovich) is the only survivor of what was meant to be humanity’s final stand against the undead. Now, she must return to where the nightmare began – The Hive in Raccoon City, where the Umbrella Corporation is gathering its forces for a final strike against the only remaining survivors of the apocalypse. Written by Screen Gems / Constantin

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016) Review
with the soft installment of the resident evil live action series, this one seems to take the cake, besides the last film being a little bit of a mess, this sixth instalment definitely compensates for its mistakes. Even though action sequences may have seemed a little obscure due to camera angles, it was still pretty impressive, seeing millia return

after 5 years of delay is very pleasing to those internationally and some bit in the u.s the protagonists story was straight to the point and presented a compelling story to Alice’s final battle with the cgi involved, it was great the new type of zombies being bought in the film definitely helps this film. It’s exciting to see Paul w. Anderson pitch in on these monsters. I would be very glad to see a next inside of this film.

I would never want to see a remake, maybe some side story movies can be made like the animated movies such as resident evil degeneration,damnation, and 2017’s vendetta coming out.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016) Trailer

Bastards (2017) Review

Bastards (2017) is an upcoming American comedy film directed by Lawrence Sher and written by Justin Malen. The film stars Owen Wilson, Ed Helms, J. K. Simmons, Terry Bradshaw, Ving Rhames, Katie Aselton, Katt Williams, June Squibb and Glenn Close. Principal photography began on October 5, 2015, in Atlanta. Sher is making his directorial debut with the film.

Director: Lawrence Sher
Writer: Justin Malen (screenplay)
Stars: J.K. Simmons, Owen Wilson, Bill Irwin
Genre: Comedy
Release: Kazakhstan 24 January 2017 – France 5 April 2017

Bastards (2017) Storyline
Upon learning that their mother has been lying to them for years about their allegedly deceased father, two fraternal twin brothers hit the road in order to find him.

Bastards (2017) Review
Wait Untill 27 January 2017

Bastards (2017) Trailer

Detour (2016) Reviews

Detour is a 2016 British thriller film written and directed by Christopher Smith. The film stars Tye Sheridan, Stephen Moyer, Emory Cohen, Bel Powley, John Lynch and Gbenga Akinnagbe. The film is scheduled to be released in the United States on 20 January 2017 by Magnet Releasing.

Director: Christopher Smith
Writer: Christopher Smith
Stars: Emory Cohen, Tye Sheridan, Stephen Moyer
Genre: Trhiller
Release: USA 16 April 2016 (Tribeca Film Festival) – USA 20 January 2017

Detour (2016) Storyline
Law student and all round good guy, Harper, suspects that his scheming step-father, Vincent, is responsible for the car crash that sent his mother into a coma. Drowning his sorrows one evening in a seedy L.A whiskey bar, Harper is interrupted by a tough looking redneck called Johnny Ray who offers to ‘take care’ of his step-dad for the cool sum of US$20,000. Angry, intent on revenge and fuelled by alcohol, Harper agrees to the deal and spends the rest of his evening downing shots with Johnny Ray. The next morning, Harper awakes to the mother of all hangovers with hazy memory of the previous night’s events. Answering a knock at the front door, he is surprised to find Johnny Ray and his beautiful but distant girlfriend, Cherry, ready and waiting to drive to Vegas to kill Vincent. Harper’s claims that he was drunk and didn’t know what he was doing mean nothing to Johnny Ray who is more threatening than ever in the cold light of day. Harper quickly realises that there is no easy way out; …

Detour (2016) Review
The Detour is an extremely original half-hour comedy by those funny Daily Show alums Jason Jones and Samantha Bee (Full Frontal with Samantha Bee), on TBS. It goes from slapstick to dark comedy and breaks the common taboos of network television: language, drinking, giving teenage son a drink, etc. It is rollickingl funny at times and very reminiscent of National Lampoon’s Vacation. If you, like at least one viewer on Metacritic, become “offended” by “obscenity,” then you won’t like it. But I suggest you stick with it. It is so much better than the endless formula sitcoms on network tv, like Two Broke Girls and their ilk. Highly recommended for the adventurous.

Detour (2016) Trailer

The Red Turtle (2016) Reviews

The Red Turtle (2016) is an animated fantasy film directed by Dutch-British animator Michaël Dudok de Wit in his feature film debut. The film is a co-production between Wild Bunch and Studio Ghibli, and tells the story of a man who becomes shipwrecked on a deserted island and meets a giant red turtle. The film has no dialogue. It premiered in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.

Director: Michael Dudok de Wit
Writers: Michael Dudok de Wit, Pascale Ferran
Genre: Animation, Fantasy
Release: France 18 May 2016 (Cannes Film Festival) – Poland June 2017

The Red Turtle (2016) Storyline
The dialogue-less film follows the major life stages of a castaway on a deserted tropical island populated by turtles, crabs and birds.

The Red Turtle (2016) Review
The way this illuminating and ethereal film captures the senses makes you wish to linger in each frame; approaching rain the only sound, stars and moonlight reflected in the calm sea, the comforting and rhythmic wash of waves at night, the endless shades and patterns of color and sunlight in water and emotions conveyed in just a glance.

A lone man washes up on a remote and uninhabited island shore after a shipwreck. He is resourceful, works his way out of perilous situations and manages to find fresh water, fish and breadfruit to sustain him. He builds a sturdy raft and launches it in the sea, yet a large sea turtle breaks the raft apart. The turtle seems to want him to stay on the island. In a moment of rage, the man attacks the turtle and unwittingly sets in motion something more powerful than he can imagine.

The Red Turtle is wordless, yet not soundless. Nature speaks instead, in all its wonder apart from the noise of civilization. We hear, among other things, the movement of figures in the grass, the preternatural buzz of cicadas in the trees, a storm sweeping over the forest, waves tumbling in rhythm upon the shore, curious crabs turning over objects in their claws and wind rising and falling like emotions or breath.

The tremendous power of the Red Turtle is in its exquisite artistry and the emotions it conveys. The art is surreal and realistic at the same time. Every frame is so detailed, expressive and colorful that I – a nature lover I admit – broke down in awe and wonder. That the filmmakers shared this sentiment for the natural world is clear. The light on island greenery positively glows, there is play between sun and shadows, and clouds move resplendent in the twilight like they are stars in their own show.

Human emotion is conveyed with just as much ability as that of nature. People talk without speaking. They know the feelings of others, by their manner and the look in their eyes, in an instant. Because of the film’s amazing artists, the audience doesn’t need to hear words to know what is going on. The artwork conveys the contents of hearts. It is a much better way to communicate really. We feel the man’s remorse for wanting to harm a turtle that wanted to help him. Someone reaches out their hand and we feel the touch on our cheeks. We move our feet with the dance beneath the sea.

Above all, the Red Turtle clearly renders our deep connection to nature and to each other. It does this so well it brings tears. We witness nature in all its wonder and power. As with Native American art, the film artistry allows the audience to glimpse and understand the lives of animals.

The Red Turtle was made in collaboration with Studio Ghibli. The director maintained after the showing that Studio Ghibli placed enough trust in him that he had space and freedom to operate, yet also could turn to them for advice when needed. The director/studio partnership certainly found the right balance. North American premiere seen at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival.

The Red Turtle (2016) Trailer

Staying Vertical (2016) Reviews

Staying Vertical is a 2016 French drama film written and directed by Alain Guiraudie. The story follows a filmmaker who has to raise a child (whom he had with a shepherdess) by himself whilst seeking inspiration for his new film. The film was selected to compete for the Palme d’Or at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.

Director: Alain Guiraudie
Writer: Alain Guiraudie
Stars: Damien Bonnard, India Hair, Raphaël Thiéry
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Release: France 12 May 2016 (Cannes Film Festival) – USA 20 January 2017

Staying Vertical (2016) Story Line
A film maker has to raise a child by himself whilst looking for an inspiration for his new film.

Staying Vertical (2016) Reviews
Seen at the Viennale 2016: A guy loses his creativity and drifts loose through his best years. But to be honest, we do not know whether this guy was creative in the first place. We can only assume that, because it might be logical. Maybe the whole movie is just some sort of insider-joke for filmmakers. I liked the sexual freedom of this movie, but could not follow the story itself. Many actions of the main guy seemed to happen out of nothing, without the wish of doing something with aim. Without any hint, why the guy is doing what he is doing I (and my brain) was benumbed. Maybe the script writer and the director of that movie had the same problem as the guy. No aim for the movie, no direction. Such is life. Sometimes.

Staying Vertical (2016) Trailer

Ok Jaanu (2017) Reviews

OK Jaanu (2017) is a 2017 Indian romantic drama film directed by Shaad Ali, story and screenplay by Mani Ratnam. Produced by Mani Ratnam and Karan Johar under their banners Madras Talkies and Dharma Productions respectively. It is an official remake of Mani Ratnam’s Tamil film O Kadhal Kanmani starring Dulquer Salmaan and Nithya Menen. The film stars Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor in the lead roles, portraying a young couple in a live-in relationship in Mumbai with Naseeruddin Shah and Leela Samson play supporting roles as an older couple in the film, portraying the younger couple’s landlords. A. R. Rahman composed the film’s score and soundtrack while Gulzar is the dialogue writer of this film.

The first look was released on 29 February 2016. Principal photography commenced in March 2016.The film is scheduled for a worldwide release on 13 January 2017. The filming has been officially wrapped up on 29 May 2016, with actress Shraddha Kapoor sharing a photo from the film’s set.

Director: Shaad Ali
Writers: Mani Ratnam (story and screenplay), Gulzar (dialogue)
Stars: Aditya Roy Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, Naseeruddin Shah
Genre: Drama, Romance
Release: 13 January 2017 India

OK Jaanu (2017) Story Line
Adi and Tara move to Mumbai to pursue their dreams. A chance meeting sparks off a heady, no strings attached romance until their careers pull them apart. Will ambition prevail over matters of the heart?

OK Jaanu (2017) Reviews
Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor’s pairing has been a hit ever since the duo worked together in ‘Aashiqui 2’. Everyone loved their onscreen chemistry and have always wanted to seem them do more projects together. Another reason for them to stay in buzz was their off screen chemistry as well. On and off there have been buzz that they are dating each other but nothing was ever confirmed. No matter what, if not off screen, we are soon going to see this lovely pair once again together on screen in the upcoming romantic drama ‘OK Jaanu’ and the trailer of the film is also out!

The duo upped our excitement with some amazing fun loving posters of ‘OK Jaanu’ and now with the trailer. Speaking about it, Adi and Tara the role played by Aditya and Shraddha respectively, these two youngsters move to the most happening city Bombay in order to pursue their dreams. The story revolves around the life of a young couple who plan to stay together. Before moving to abroad to pursue their dreams, this adorable couple wish to stay together and their landlord is none other than Naseeruddin Shah. He is bit stunned seeing the attitude of this young generation couple who decide to go in for a live-in relationship.

The trailer of ‘OK Jaanu’ is super cute. There is friendship, romance, fun and all the elements that is seen in today’s couples. They are carefree yet cannot manage to stay without each other. But as days come closer to part ways, the decision between to chose between career and love becomes difficult. This trailer’s is similar to the Tamil version including the background score. Yet, you will fall in love with this trailer because of Aditya and Shraddha’s sizzling chemistry.


The Resurrection of Gavin Stone (2016) Reviews

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone is an upcoming 2017 American Christian comedy-drama film directed by Dallas Jenkins and starring Brett Dalton, Anjelah Johnson, Neil Flynn, Shawn Michaels, and D.B. Sweeney. The film is scheduled to be released on January 20, 2017 by Blumhouse Tilt and High Top Releasing.

Director: Michael Dudok de Wit
Writers: Michael Dudok de Wit (story), Pascale Ferran (screenplay)
Stars : Brett Dalton, Anjelah Johnson, Neil Flynn, Shawn Michaels, D.B. Sweeney, Liam Matthews, Christopher Maleki, Tim Frank.
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Family
Release : USA 20 January 2017

Story Line
A washed-up former child star, forced to do community service at a local megachurch, pretends to be a Christian to land the part of Jesus in their annual Passion Play, only to discover that the most important role of his life is far from Hollywood.

Don’t  forget to watch this movie…!!!