After breaking up with Mark Darcy, Bridget is single again, 40 years ago, more focused on his career and his friends on his love life. For once, everything is under control! Until Bridget meeting Jack… Then find Darcy… Then discovers that she is pregnant… But from whom?.
And if Batman and Superman became the lovers of the future mother Bridget Jones? It’s the preposterous idea that came to mind of Jimmy Kimmel. The presenter of the Jimmy Kimmel Live decided to cross the heroes of two films that make the news in 2016, all in the same band ad. Taking up the trailer of Bridget Jones Baby unveiled last March, the star of the small screen slipped into the video of excerpts from the band announcement of Batman v Superman: the dawn of Justice. We’ll let you discover the rather surprising result of this “cross them” a bit special.

Expected on Sep 16 in theaters, Bridget Jones Baby will see the heroine created by Helen Fielding get pregnant without knowing who is the father, between his former and his new love. To keep it a surprise until the end, the production also turned three purposes different story to cover their tracks and to avoid any leakage. “It’s brilliant. No cast knows who is the father of the baby of Bridget, or who she will choose. The idea is to keep us in the dark until the first”said René Zellweger, who plays Bridget Jones, the Sunday Express a few weeks ago.

The story of Bridget Jones Baby de Sharon Maguire:

Bridget, anguished by the forty, decides to have a child until it was too late.

The Bridget Jones’s Baby 2016 movie trailer:

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